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He was referring to public support of the Vietnam War.

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Q: What did President Johnson mean when he said If I have lost Walter Cronkite then its over. I have lost Mr. Average Citizen?
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What did Walter Cronkite's television editorial suggest to President Johnson?

They suggested that he gives all of the disabled American veterans with undeserved bad conduct and dishonorable discharges to up grade those discharges and give them all their full military benefits they were promised and deserve. or That the president had lost the support of average Americans

What is Walter cronkite talking about and why was his statement on television a blow to government policymakers and military leaders?

Walter Cronkite talked about the Vietnam war in a television statement and said it could not be won. There are political observers who think that the U.S. failure in Vietnam happened because Walter Cronkite told the nation, in an on-air editorial opinion, that the war could not be won a blow to President Johnson.

Why did Walter Cronkite's opinion about the Vietnam War matter to the country?

Walter Cronkite was a newscaster on Television. People trusted him. Lyndon Johnson was the president. At first people liked him. Gradually, fewer and fewer people began to doubt his honesty. At first Walter Cronkite thought the United States should be involved in the Vietnam War. As the situation became clearer and clearer, Walter Cronkite changed his mind. He came out against America's continued involvement in the war. So you had a president people thought was lying supporting the war verses a newscaster people thought was telling the truth.

Why did Lyndon B. Johnson lose support of Middle America?

In a phrase: The Vietnam War. America was becoming more and more ambivalent about Vietnam, seeing it as an "un-winnable" war, and then Walter Cronkite did a special report on it from Vietnam. Cronkite's conclusion was pretty much that it was essentially a dead heat that was going nowhere, and Cronkite was known at that time as "The most trusted man in America". After watching the report, Johnson said: "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost America".

What did lyndon Johnson mean when he said if ive lost Walter then its all over?

Walter was Walter Cronkite, who was a TV news anchor in the 1960s, and was considered "the most trusted man in America." Johnson meant that if Cronkite no longer displayed optimism about Vietnam, then the rest of the country would feel the same way.

What happened in georgia in response to general shermans order that freed slaves should be given land and a mule?

It was stopped by president Johnson’s b*tchass

Why did Andrew Johnson become the president?

Johnson was vice-president under Lincoln. After Lincoln was killed, Johnson became president.

Was Johnson President of the US?

Andrew Johnson was president from 1865 to 1869. Lyndon B Johnson was president from 1963 to 1969.

Who was the president when Johnson was the Vice President?

Richard M. Johnson was the Vice President to Martin Van Buren.Andrew Johnson was the Vice President to Abraham Lincoln.Lyndon Baines Johnson was the Vice President to John F. Kennedy.

Who was the President of the United States before Andrew Johnson?

Before Johnson was Abraham Lincoln. Johnson was Lincoln's vice-president.

How did Lyndon Johnson become president?

Lyndon Johnson was Vice President to President John F. Kennedy. Johnson became president following Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

General Shermans special field order number 15 was?

Rejected by president johnson