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They needed to live very close together. It could take a day to travel 40 miles or less so people tended to form lots of little villages and towns. They needed a good supply of fresh water. Also enough fertile land to plant food crops. They needed spiritual guidance; Many towns - even states - in New England and beyond were formed by people following a special pastor who wanted to find a place where his people could practice their religion without persecution . (which is not to say they welcomed other types of religion - they usually did not). They needed enough women to give birth to children who would populate the town and enough strong young men to take up arms to defend the town from attack. Finally they needed to learn how to use the Natural Resources around them to survive. They often learned this from Native Americans in their midts. Whole villages were known to die off after a year or two if they did not understand their environment. When more and more communities sprung up, they formed governments to run daily activities and communicate, trade and otherwise benefit from the other communities near by.

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They need a dependable food source.

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Q: What did early American need in order to form communities?
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