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The federal government guarantees the states a republican form of government, protection, and territorial integrity. Give examples of how each of these guarantees are carried out.

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Q: What does the federal government guarantee to the states?
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Does the Federal Government guarantee catalytic converters?


Why is a certificate of a deposit such a safe investment?

it is guarantee by the federal government.

Why is certificate of deposit considered such a safe investment?

it is guarantee by the federal government.

Whose rights do the constitution an the Bill of Rights guarantee?

The US Constitution protects the rights of the citizens of the US. The Constitution is limited to the federal government but is made applicable to the states by the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause.

Can you explain what the tenth amendment means in fifth grade words?

It means that the federal government can't create new powers for itself. New federal government powers, like creating the IRS, must be approved by the states or the people. It is also seen as a guarantee that the individual states have rights, because unless the Constitution says the power is a federal power, it belongs exclusively to the states or the people.

In what kind of government system is the national government subordinate to the states?

The power-sharing between a central government and those of the individual states is a federal government.

What form of government must the national government guarantee to all states?


What are the effects on the constitutional amendments?

In speaking about the US Constitution, the amendments in the Bill of Rights were meant to guarantee that the Federal government did nothing to subvert the rights of citizens and of the US States.

Can the federal government keep money to states if states don't adhere to federal law?

Absolutely! The Federal Government has done this many times.

Why do you call the US government a federal government?

The U.S. Government is called a Federal Government because it is at the Federal (or highest) Level, there is no other government above it.The United States is both a republic and a "federation" of the individual states. The national administration (of the states as a whole) is therefore the federal one.

What is North Carolina's federal government?

North Carolina, as with all States, has a state government, not a federal government.

Where is the federal government?

The federal government of the Unites States of America is located in Washington, DC.