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To cringe is like to wince. A person almost physically pulls away, as if encountering something painful or upsetting. Americans cringe at the thought of a Communist Vietnam means we wince, we shudder, we dread and cringe at the mention of Communism, which is so different from our Democratic society. Most Americans despise Communism, because it abuses power against its citizens.

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Q: What does the word cringe mean in this sentence the Americans cringe at the thought of a communist Vietnam?
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What was the Red Scare a reaction to?

Post WWI there was a scare in the United States that we had been infiltrated by Communist spies or Americans who supported Communism. During this time there were a lot of innocent people that were put in jail, killed out of fear, etc. that were thought to be Communist supporters but were just people trying to get by. By the use of 'Red' -they were identifying with the red flag of the USSR which had been thought an ali in WWI but in the end Russia was out for themselves and had an agenda all their own.actually it was after WWI not WWIIRead more: What_was_the_Red_Scare

Why did most whites not want blacks to enlist in the army?

Most 'whites' did not want 'blacks' to enlist in the army because they had been taught their entire lives that African Americans, or in Australia's case Aboriginals, were inferior races, stupid and not to be put in the same rank as them. It is a typical racist view of things. In the Vietnam war for example, the 'white' Americans were disliked for being rude, ignorant and generally not very nice; the Australian's and 'Black' Americans were better thought of due to their thoughts that the Vietnamese were equals and the fact that they treated them as such.

Who thought Americans should always celebrate independence day?

Richard Henry lee

Why did Americans feel that the legislature was the most democratic branch of government?

the Americans thought that the legislative branch was the most demotratic because people voted for them, so they were selected by people.

Why did Cuba's alliance's with the Soviets worry many Americans?

The Cuba's alliances with the soviets worried Americans for a for different reasons. They thought that the fight between them would turn into a cold war.

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Why did they have the Vietnam war?

Because they had the communist and the non- communist on the north and south sides and the communist (north vietnam) one so the goverment took over and so they took all of propety, money, and bussness!

Did Nixon thought that South Vietnam was strong enough to resist a communist takeover even if American forces were pulled out?

no nixon didnt belive that south vietnam was strong enought

What does the Vietnam war and the Korean war have in common?

Both the Korean and the Vietnam Wars were fought because of the Domino Theory. It was thought that if one country became communist, nearby nations would fall under that ideology too.

Why did the US withdraw their troops from Vietnam?

The US was losing to North Vietnam as their troops were extremely skilled and in abundance. The deaths and casualties in the US army were exceeding greatly, and the Americans thought it was not worth stopping the communist aggression in the Far east as no one cared that much either. Also apparently, the people in south Vietnam didn't want to fight so the Americans didnt just want to fight from their side. basically, the main point is that NORTH VIETNAM TACTICS > US TACTICS and the deaths were just too much so they withdrew, leaving south Vietnam to be invaded by communists.

Why did eisenhower support sending arms to french forces in Vietnam?

he thought that it would lead to the end of the war eralier

What does the Korean War and Vietnam war have in common?

Both the Korean and the Vietnam Wars were fought because of the Domino Theory. It was thought that if one country became communist, nearby nations would fall under that ideology too.

Who did Vietnam original belong to?

France owned Vietnam until they pulled out in the 1950's, and the US stepped in. After that, Vietnam was divided like Korea into Communist North and non-Communist South, but North Vietnam never accepted the division and always considered South Vietnam as the part of Vietnam occupied by the enemy.

Why did America go to Vietnam war?

Those in the United States who supported the Vietnam War did so for various reasons. Many felt a Communist takeover of South Vietnam by the North would threaten our influence in the area of Southeast Asia. The presidents from Truman on believed in the containment policy developed during the Truman administration and the domino theory that said if one area fell to communism, the next area would fall, then the next, etc. We also did not want to allow the communist nations to get any of the natural resources in the area that we felt were necessary to our influence in the area. We also had a treaty, SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization), which was a defensive alliance obligating members to help when one was attacked.

For what reasons did we fight the Vietnam war?

We fought over the way the government in Vietnam was being run. They had communism which means if someone needed something in Vietnam like food or money, it was given to them. But we wanted them to have democracy, which means the exact opposite, if we wanted something, we would have to earn it. If we wanted $10, we would have to work to earn the money. So we fought with Vietnam just because we wanted them to have democracy. P.S. We're mean!

How did the Vietnam war affect the Americans and vietnamese alike?

Americans didn't like being drafted into military service; which is why you have an all volunteer army (military) today. The South Vietnamese liked Americans, they thought American GIs were funny and friendly.

Who wanted communism in Vietnam?

AnswerBecause there are many different social classes in Vietnam and they liked the idea of having equal distributions of wealth among their society regardless of who their occupation. They wanted their government to own the countries goods and services and have a one-party government with a controlled economy.

What different opinions did Americans have about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war?

Some Americans thought it was wrong to invade and fight in Vietnam and Saigon due to the humanitarian style of the times with the hippie movement and peace and love. Others were on a political stance where fighting was the right option due to the military threat of war.