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The Virginia plan called for representation based on population. Virginia was one of the largest states at the time.

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Q: What else was the Virginia Plan known as?
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Who is idea was the Virginia Plan?

The Virginia Plan, also known as the Rudolph Plan or the Large-State Plan, was proposed by Virginia delegates and drafted by James Madison.

What was the definition Virginia Plan?

Its something about a plan... im stupid so someone else answer it

What plan did we go with the Virginia or New Jersey?

james madison for the virginia plan and william patterson for the new jersey plan

What document proposed that both houses of congress would be based on population?

The Virginia Plan proposed that both houses of Congress would be based on population.

This document proposed that Congress could force a state to obey a national law?

Virginia Plan

Did the Virginia Plan appeal to large states or small states?

The Virginia Plan appealed to large states and in fact was also known as The Large-State Plan. It was created by James Madison on May 29, 1787.

Which of these plans proposed that both the judicial and executive beaches could veto laws?

Virginia Plan

What plan at the Philadelphia Convention favored the large states because it wanted representation based on population?

Virginia plan

What plan called for a bicameral legislature?

Virginia plan

Whom did the Virginia Plan favor and why?

The Virginia plan favored the people of Virginia.

What plan did the house of representatives come from?

The name of the plan that the House of Representatives came from is known as the Virginia Plan. This plan was instituted by Edmund Randolph and called for a bicameral congress of the people.

What plan was vague to the structure of the executive but specified the national executive consist of a single person?

Virginia plan