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he was a general in the army and he had wooden teeth and he chopped down apple trees

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Q: What is one thing that George Washington did to become known before he was president?
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Did George Washington become president before the American revolution?


What did George Washington become before he became a president?

The governer of Texas.

Who was the president of the US prior to 1732 before George Washington?

George Washington was the first

What George Washington did before president?

he was a soldier

What jobs did George Washington have before he became president?

Before George Washington was President he was the top general in the Continental Army. George Washington was a farmer and surveyor.

Who was the president directly before George Washington?

George Washington was the first president of the United States. This is why he is refered to as "The father of the country."

Was there a war going on when George Washington was president?

George Washington was an army general during the revolutionary war before he was elected president

What did George Washington do before any other president?

became president

Which president was a land surveyor before becoming president?

George Washington

What job did Washington have before he became president?

George Washington was a planter, a surveyor, and general of the army before he became president.

What happened before John Adams was president?

Before John Adamns was president George Washington was president.

Who was John Adams predecessor?

George Washington was the President before John Adams but John was George's Vice President.