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The Colorado National Guard opened fire on the miners' tent city.

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Q: What resulted from the 1913 coal miners strike in Ludlow Colorado?
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How was the Colorado miners strike settled?

The one at Ludlow was ended by the Colorado National Guard, the Pinkerton Agency and the skillful use of machine guns. It was called the Ludlow Massacre of 14 April 1914.

What techniques were used to solve the Colorado Coal Strike?

The 1914 strike was ended with the Colorado National Guard and the Pinkerton's using machine guns on the miners during the Ludlow Massacre.

What did the police do in the miners strike?

That depends which miners strike in history.

Who was the leader of miners strike 1984?

Albert Hitler was the leader of the 1984 miners strike

What was Margaret Thatchers involvement in the 1984 miners strike?

because she thought it was wrong of what were happening to the miners! so she led the strike.

What day did the ludlow massacre end?

The Ludlow Massacre ended the day it started -- April 20, 1914, a Monday. But the backlash continued until May 1. The violence didn't end until the National Guard had been routed and replaced by the U.S. Army. At that point, the striking coal miners and their supporters ended their campaign of retribution. The strike within which the violence occurred began in September 1913 and ended in December 1914, though by then the strike had been effectively lost and production from the mines had returned to near pre-strike levels.

Who won the miners strike?

Margaret Thatcher won the miners strike, Arthur Scargills attempt to bring down the government was a total disaster for the innocent miners he foolishly led in to the abyss .

Is it true that the reason the NBA players are on strike is that the flubber miners are also on strike?


Where did the UK miners' strike start?


What was the General Strike?

the general strike happened because lots of miners were locked out and campaigned

Was there a miners' strike in Britain during World War 2?

Miners' strike in Britain in WW2There was a miners' strike at the Betteshanger Colliery in Kent in 1941 or 1942. Even if the other collieries in East Kent were also involved this was very different from a nationwide strike. There must have been other miners strikes. In a correspondence between my uncle and my father, my uncle talks about how things had got better in his RAF camp following the end of the miners strike. My uncle was stationed in Lincolnshire, the date must have been late 43 or early 44

How long did the 1984 miners strike last?

They are many reason's for the strike but one of them is that the miners wanted to work overtime but Margret Thatcher would not pay them and she put a ban on overtime, so the NCB (National Coal Board) offered the miners a 5.2% increase in wages but the miners refused.