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new york

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Q: What state did Robert Yates anti-federalists represent?
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Where did Robert yates die?

Robert Yates, the American serial killer, died at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington, United States.

What state does Robert Byrd represent?

The State he represents is West Virginia

What state does Robert gates represent?

this site is worthless

Which state did Robert Morris represent in the constitution?

Pennsylvania sir

Who represent NJ state?

Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg in the senate. In addition, a variety of congressmen represent parts of the state in the House.

The Antifederalists?

generally favored relatively strong state governments

What part of West Virginia does Robert byrd represent?

Robert Bird does not represent any part of West Virginia. He is dead. When he was alive, he was a United States Senator. Senators are elected statewide, so he represented the entire state.

Who were the delegates from New York to attend the Constitutional Convention?

AnswerThey were Robert Yates, John Lansing, Jr., and Alexander Hamilton. However, Yates and Lansing would leave the Convention, and Hamilton would be the only NY delegate to sign, going against the political grain of his state. Even worse, Hamilton had no vote since because of the convention's rules at least two delegates had to be present and voting for their vote to count. His voice was heard and perhaps that is enough. Alexander Hamilton, John Lansing and Robert Yates.

What were people opposed to the constitution preferring more power be given to the state governments than to the national government?


What electorate and state did Robert Gordon Menzies represent?

Robert Menzies represented Nunawading in Victoria's Legislative Assembly. From 1934 to 1966, Menzies represented the electorate of Kooyong in VicOnondagaOnondaga the federal level.

What county starts with the letter y?

Yates County is a county in New York State

Who was Robert Yates and what did he do?

Robert Lee Yates, Jr. was an ex-military helicopter pilot living in Spokane, WA near the Idaho border. Yates was married and had 4 children, a house and a perfect looking life. But in February 1990 the body of a woman turned up in the cold Washington State winter. She was a local prostitute and she would soon have company. Bodies of young women began turning up all over the small, rural town of Spokane. Finally on September 14, 1999 when detectives came to his home at 2220 E. 49th St. He was tried and convicted in the murders of at least 7 young women.