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Q: What was the USSR government structure during the cold war?
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What ended the arms race?

The Arms Race ended with the end of the cold war and the breakup of the USSR. The nuclear arms race came about during the Cold War.

How did government try to control peoples beliefs during the cold war?

because they did

Why is the cold war the reason you have under god in your pledge?

During the Cold War, the US was opposed to the USSR, and they were an officially atheist nation, therefore the US wished to emphasize that it was a religious nation and therefore the opposite of the USSR. The main conflict was between economic systems, capitalism vs. communism, and between political systems, democracy vs. dictatorship, but there was a religious element as well.

How did America affect the cold war?

America and (USSR)Russia were the two superpowers of the cold war. America was the democracy side and they were trying to beat the USSR. America was more advanced in World War II and Russia was actually very technology unadvanced. After world war II, the USSR caught up and started making nuclear weapons. The USA was responding to this and they affected the cold war by responding to the USSR's " Threats ". The USA made nuclear weapons too, competed in the space race, and much more.Hope I helped

The advantages during the Cold War?

Were often out-weighed by the disadvantegous, that's what kept it Cold. The framework was quickly established of MAD, or Mutual Assured Destruction in which the Soviets and the West knew that the first offensive nuclear attack might, or probably would end the world as we knew it. The USSR had a manpower and rocketry advantage, while the West had a Naval advantage and a Short Range Ballistic weapons advantage combined with a superior detection and alert status. In truth, the US had a gigantic advantage until the USSR began placing weapons in Cuba.