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it had an impact so that the all of the colonies agreed that they should have two senators and that they have an equal amount of reprsentatives. It was made mostly to make sure equality was for all.

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Perhaps the greatest debate undertaken by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 centered on how many representatives each state should have in the new government's lawmaking branch, the U.S. Congress. As is often the case in government and politics, resolving a great debate, required a Great Compromise.

Early in the Constitutional Convention, delegates envisioned a Congress consisting of only a single chamber with a certain number of representatives from each state. The burning question was, how many representatives from each state? Delegates from the larger, more populous states favored the Virginia Plan, which called for each state to have a different number of representatives based on the state's population. Delegates from smaller states supported the New Jersey plan, under which each state would send the same number of representatives to Congress.

Connecticut delegate Roger Sherman is credited with proposing the alternative of a "bicameral," or two-chambered Congress, made up of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Each state, suggested Sherman, would send an equal number of representatives to the Senate, and one representative to the House for each 30,000 residents of the state.

At the time, all the states except Pennsylvania had bicameral legislatures, so the delegates were familiar with the structure of Congress proposed by Sherman.

Sherman's plan pleased delegates from both the large and small states and became known as the Connecticut Compromise of 1787, or the Great Compromise.

The structure and powers of the new U.S. Congress, as proposed by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention, were explained to the people by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison in the Federalist Papers 52-66.

Today, each state is represented in Congress by two Senators and a variable number of members of the House of Representatives based on the state's population as reported in the most recent decennial census. The process of fairly determining the number of members of the House from each state is called "apportionment."


Two plans were put forth during the Constitutional Convention to create the new branches of government. The Virginia Plan wanted a strong national government with three branches. The legislature would have two houses. One would be directly elected by the people and the second would selected by the first house from people nominated by the state legislatures. Further, the president and national judiciary would be chosen by the national legislature. On the other hand, the New Jersey Plan wanted a more decentralized plan amending the old Articles yet allowing for a somewhat stronger government. Each state would have one vote in Congress.

The Great Compromise combined these two plans creating our current legislature with two houses, one based on population and elected by the people and the other house allowing two senators per state being appointed by state legislatures.

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Q: What was the effect of the great compromise?
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What is the effects of the constitutional Convention?

The effect the constitutional convention had was the great compromise and the 3/5 compromise. These led to the constitution.

What did the great compromise or Connecticut compromise decide?

The great Compromise, or Connecticut Compromise, set up Congress by havin a fight.

What did Roger Sherman do to the Great Compromise?

He proposed the Great Compromise.

What was the product of grand committees?

Great Compromise :}

What was the great compromise made from and what is it about?

The great compromise was made up of bicameral.

What resolved the disagreement among delegates?

The Great Compromise

What year did the great compromise get passed?

in the USA the Great Compromise occured in July 1787

How did James Madison effect the great compromise?

Madison opposed the 'Great Compromise'. He felt that both houses should be elected by the people from small districts. He felt that a senate representing state interests would violate the principal of majority rule.

What compromise created the two houses of congress?

It was called "The Great Compromise" and settled the composition of the new US Congress under the Constitution (1787).

What is a agreement at the constitution convention that established a bicameral legislature called?

The proposal to form a bicameral congress instead of a unicameral one was proposed in the Virginia Plan. It was drafted by James Madison in 1787.

What was the compromise called?

It was called the Great Compromise.

Is The Missouri Compromise referd to the great compromise?