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1908 U.S. Presidential Election Results:

242 votes (50.10%) - minimum required

321 votes (66.46%) - Defense Sec. William Howard Taft (R-OH)

162 votes (33.54%) - Congressman William Jennings Bryan (D-NE)

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Q: What was the electoral vote outcome in 1908?
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Why vote when the electoral college deterimes the outcome?

The popular vote in each state selects the electors who will vote in the Electoral College. The electors are elected by popular vote in each state and each candidate for elector swears in advance whom he will vote for.

What is electoral college voting?

The electors of the electoral college officially elect the president. They pledge their vote in advance so once the electors are chosen the outcome of their vote is not in doubt.

What is the difference between popular vote for a senator and electoral vote vote for president?

the popular vote is by everybody. the electoral vote is by electoral colleges, which not everyone is in

How many electoral votes did California have in 1908?

California had 10 electoral college votes in 1908.

According to the rules of the Electoral College Marcus will win the election. What adjustment to the Electoral College would change this outcome?

all states splitting their electoral votes between the candidates based on what percentage of the popular vote they won. (apex)

Which amendment makes it possible that a president candidate can lose the popular vote but still win the electoral vote and the election?

The amendment in question is not responsible for allowing a presidential candidate to lose the popular vote but win the electoral vote. This is a consequence of the design of the Electoral College, outlined in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. The Electoral College system can result in a discrepancy between the popular vote and the electoral vote, as it is the latter that ultimately determines the outcome of the presidential election.

How is the total of 538 Electoral College votes determined What is the purpose of the popular vote in the Electoral College system?

The total of 538 Electoral College votes is determined by allocating 435 votes to the House of Representatives (each state receives a minimum of one), 100 votes to the Senate (two per state), and three votes to the District of Columbia. The purpose of the popular vote in the Electoral College system is to determine the outcome of the presidential election in each state. The candidate who wins the popular vote in a state typically receives all of that state's electoral votes.

What is Alternative Vote electoral system.?

Alternative Vote electoral system

What is one proposal that has been made to change the Electoral College system?

One proposal to change the Electoral College system is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, where states agree to award all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, regardless of the outcome in their state.

Which aspects of U.S. politics is most closely tied to the concepts of indirect democracy?

Americans have political representation in both the House of Representative and the Senate

What year was the Electoral College defect of popular vote versus electoral vote illustrated?


Can you use the words electoral vote in a sentence?

Yes. Each electoral vote in the constituency will be important.