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The Dionne quintuplets were the first quintuplets to survive infancy. Their names were Yvonne Edouilda Marie Dionne, Annette Lillianne Marie Dionne, Cecile Marie Ã?milda Dionne, Emilie Marie Jeanne Dionne, Marie Reine Alma Dionne. As of 2014, two of them are still living.

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Annette,Cecile,Marie Emelie,Yvonne

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Q: What were The Dionne Quintuplets names?
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What are the dionne quintuplets parents names?

The Dionne Quintuplets were born May 28, 1934 in Corbeil, Ontario, Canada.

What happened to the dionne quintuplets when they were younger?

first quintuplets to survive infancy

Where did the Dionne quintuplets live?

They lived in Canada.

What actors and actresses appeared in Five Times Five - 1939?

The cast of Five Times Five - 1939 includes: Annette Dionne as Annette Cecile Dionne as Cecile Emilie Dionne as Emile Marie Dionne as Marie Yvonne Dionne as Yvonne The Dionne Quintuplets as The Quintuplets Alexander Woollcott as Commentary

What did Pierre Burton think of the Dionne Quintuplets?

He really liked the quintuplets even though he never say them

May 28 1934?

The Dionne quintuplets were born on that Monday.

What are the release dates for Primetime Live - 1989 Once Upon a Time The Dionne Quintuplets?

Primetime Live - 1989 Once Upon a Time The Dionne Quintuplets was released on: USA: 26 November 1997

Who were the quintuplets born after the Dionne quintuplets?

The Diligentis born in Argentina in 1943 survive to this day, I believe --- two boys and three girls.

What was Canada's biggest tourist attraction between 1934 and 1945?

The Dionne Quintuplets

What has the author John Nihmey written?

John Nihmey has written: 'Time of their lives' -- subject(s): Dionne quintuplets, Fiction

Where were the first medically and genetically documented quintuplets to survive past infancy born?

The first medically and genetically documented quintuplets to survive past infancy were born in 1934 in Canada, in a small town called Corbeil, near Callander, Ontario. They were named Annette, Emilie, Cecile, Yvonne, and Marie Dionne.

How much did the dionne quintuplets weight?

The Dionne Quituplets turned 76 today, May 28, 2010. It's only two of them alive today.Yvonne Edouilda Marie Dionne (died June 23, 2001 (aged 67) of cancer)Annette Lillianne Marie Dionne (Allard) (age 76)Cécile Marie Emilda Dionne (Langlois) (age 76)Émilie Marie Jeanne Dionne (died August 6, 1954 (aged 20) of accidental suffocation during an epileptic seizure at her convent)Marie Reine Alma Dionne (Houle) (died February 27, 1970 (aged 35) of blood clot of the brain.