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Q: What were the acts that King George 3rd put?
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What acts did King George III put on the Colonists?

King George the III passed the Quarting Act, the Stamp Act, and the Sugar Act.Read more: What_acts_did_King_George_III_pass

Why did King George III gave in on the Intolerable acts punishment?

The Intolerable Acts were a punishment for the colonists by King George III. The Intolerable Acts were put into effect after the Boston Tea Party. The Intolerable Acts were one of the final straws that broke the camel's back in regards to the start of the American Revolutionary War.

Why did the British parliament pass the sugar and stamps acts?

Because King George III was greedy and wanted more money. So he put outrageous taxes on the American Colonies.

How did French and Indian War lead to the American Revolution?

Because King George III put an end to it.

Who put a tax on import to the colonies?

British Parliament and King George III

Why was it dangerous for the colonist to declare independence from Britain?

because they will be considered traitors by King George lll and traitors are put to death by hanging

Why did the colinists rebell against King George III?

Because King George was treating them so badly when he put taxes on the colinists and controlling the colinists.

Why did king george 3 made the colonists so angry?

what did king george the III do to make the colonies angry King George put taxes on the colonists everyday needs

Who put taxes on the imports to the colonies?

British Parliament and King George III

What was the Boston Tea Party goals?

the goal of The Boston Tea Party was to protest against the Tea Act. The colonists believed that by doing so in this display, that king george would repea the Tea Act. The Tea Act was repealed after this however, King George was en-raged by the colonists, and a few months later the Coercive Acts were passed. (The colonists called them the Intolerable Acts). These acts were set as punishment against the colonists. The acts included: Shutting down Boston Harbor, un-fair taxing, etc. It made the colonies lose a great deal of money, and put them in great deals of debt.

George III was known for?

King George III was mentally disabled, thus carried out some uncanny acts during his long time on the throne. He didn't die till he was considerably old, leaving his son as the next heir to the throne.

What taxes where put on the thirteen colonies?

parliment put the taxes on the colonies along with King George the 3rd. they did it to pay for all the money that they needed for the war.