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I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for, but here is one possible answer. When the president and the majority of Congress is of the same party the President will use persuasive ways to get his bills passed. The president will appear at campaign stops in order to help get the congressmen on his side. Congressmen up for election need a lot of money for re-election and a visiting president will get him that money. This is happening right now for the 2006 elections. Bush is visiting with GOP congressmen at privite donation dinners. He is also making public stops with them, but not too many, because his ratings are real low at this point. Hope this help, Christopher Moats

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Q: When is a President more likely to be successful in using persuasive skills with Congress?
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The two presidencies thesis holds that a president is likely to be most successful with Congress on policy initiatives involving?

foreign issues

When are presidents most likely to get their policies through Congress successfully?

It is early in a President's first term when they are most likely to be successful in getting their policies through Congress. U. S. Presidents are limited to serving two 4-year terms.

Does the president gives the state of the Union message?

to the congress, most likely to the congress, most likely

To whom does the President give the State of Union message?

to the congress, most likely to the congress, most likely

When will congress most likely defer to the president?

when it wants to

Who are you most likely to influence with a persuasive presntation?

You are most likely to influence those who are open-minded and receptive to your message, as well as those who trust and respect your expertise and credibility on the topic of your presentation. Engaging and connecting with your audience emotionally can also increase the likelihood of persuasion.

Can the president fire the director of NASA?

It is likely possible, but the president needs to pass it through Congress first.

The individuals you are most likely to influence with your persuasive presentation are referred to as your?

Individuals you are most likely to influence with your persuasive presentation are referred to as your peers.

The president can check congress by what power?

This deals with the system of Checks & Balances. The President can "check the authority of Congress" by rejecting a unconstitutional law proposed by Congress. this process is called veto.The President checks Congress when he vetoes a bill that the Congress has passed. Congress can check him if a 2/3 majority votes to override his veto.Also, the President can check Congress by using the media (the "bully pulpit") to set the agenda for Congress. Presidents also tend to have success with Congress proportional to their approval rating with the public. Thus, if a president has a high approval rating, it is likely that Congress will be willing to help him accomplish his goals.

A president is most likely to use an executive order to implement a new policy when?

The president proposes several new bills that are all rejected by Congress.

The president strongly disapproves of a law before congress. the president has indicated he would use his constitutioonal power in the event that the law passed. what is most likely to happen.?

the president will veto it

Which area has congress been more likely than the president to exert leadership?

policies affecting special interests.