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The During the Revolutionary war there were two significant surrendering of a British Army.

The first one took place at Saratoga, where Lord Burgoyne's British Army laid down their arms, on October 17, 1777. It was the first turning point of the war, that one that led France, soon followed by Spain and Holland to militarily intervene on the Colonists side.

The second one was that of Yorktown, where Cornwallis's British Army surrendered on October 19, 1781 to the Allied Rochambeau's French Army and Washington's American Army, ending the fighting in America and leading, on September 3, 1783, Great Britain to acknowledge by a formal treaty the Independence of the United States.

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Q: Where did the British Surrender at?
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How did Washington defeat the British?

He forced the british to surrender at Yorktown

Where and when did the British surrender?

The British surrendered when the French came in Saratoga.

When did the japanese surrender to the british?


British surrender at Yorktown?


Where did British troops surrender at?


What did Winston Churchill vow to the British people after the evacuation of Dunkirk?

churchill told the british people that "we shall never surrender"

Where did the british surrender to the Americans?

the british and the americans stoped fighting cause

What battle led to the surrender of the British?

The siege of Yorktown led the British forces to surrender to the american and french forces in the american revolutionary war.

Where was the final surrender of the british?

they surendered in yorktown.

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Who did the British surrender to in the American Revolution?

The British did not surrender. They merely withdrew because the war was not cost-effective. They had other priorities with colonies such as India who were giving them problems.

When did the British surrender at Yorktown take place?

October 19, 1781 was the date of Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown.