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Most Carribean Islands are not part of the U.S., but sovereign nations or part of the CommonWealth of Nations spearheaded by The United Kingdom. The only Carribean Islands that are part of U.S. territory are Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands which were sold to the U.S. from Denmark in 1917, for an undisclosed fee.

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Q: Which Caribbean island is not part of the US?
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Is us virgin island a part of the Caribbean?

Yes, it is. However, Caribbean citizens do not consider us real Caribbeans.

Which Caribbean island voted to become part of the US?


What is the Spanish-speaking island in the Caribbean that is part of the US?

Puerto Rico

What US state is Grenada part of?

Its not a state at all its an island in the southeastern Caribbean.

Is Jamaica are part of North America?

No, Jamaica is not part of the Caribbean islands.

The Caribbean island nations are part of what continent?

The Caribbean island nations are part of the North American continent.

Why was Puerto Rico in North America?

It is not. It is an Island in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is both physically and politically a part of North America. It is a Caribbean Island, however, these islands are grouped with North America. It is also a part of the US, so it is politically a part of North America.

Is Cuba part of the Caribbean islands?

Yes, it is the largest Island in the Caribbean.

Is hati part of the Caribbean?

No, Hati is not part of the Caribbean. Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.

What Caribbean island has no extradition with us?


Is Haiti considered part of the Caribbean?

Yes, Haiti is considered part of the Caribbean region. It shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, and together they form the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

Are the US virgin islands part of the Caribbean?

They are located in the Caribbean Sea, so yes, they are a part of the Caribbean.