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The last choice happened last. The only one out of order is the second one, which should be first.

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Q: Which event happened last Warren Harding died in San Francisco. World War 1 ended. Calvin Coolidge took the presidential oath of office. Voters decided the election of 1924.?
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What important events took place in the year 2000?

2000 presidential election happened.

What important things happened in 1952?

The Cold War was going on, and there was a presidential election that year as well

What happens when a presidential candidate wins the election based on electoral vote but loses the popular vote?

based on what happened in the 2000 election, he (or she) becomes president.

What event happened on the date 4 November 1992?

William Jefferson Clinton won the presidential election.

What happened in the Election of 1866?

the 1866 elections were mostly about who should control the reconstruction Rutherford b. Hayes won the popular vote and removed federal troops from the south this deal singled the end of the reconstruction This answer describes the Presidential election of 1876. The 1866 election was the Congressional mid-term election of the Andrew Johnson administration.

Lincoln gained much needed voter support in the 1864 election after?

Lincoln gained much needed voter support in the 1864 election after the fall of Atlanta. This happened right before the presidential vote.

How many times did a presidential candidate win an election without receiving the popular vote?

This has happened three times officially- 1824, 1876, and 2000.

Has there been any time in US history where presidential election been postponed?

I think there were some delays in some of the states for the first presidential election in 1788. There has never been a national postponement of the election. It seems possible that some localities might have been allowed some late voting if a blizzard or flood or disaster made it impossible to open the polls, but I do not know if this has ever happened.

When did First inauguration of Calvin Coolidge happen?

First inauguration of Calvin Coolidge happened on 1923-08-03.

When did Second inauguration of Calvin Coolidge happen?

Second inauguration of Calvin Coolidge happened on 1925-03-04.

What happened in the election of?

There was no election that year. The election was in 1876.

What happened to the economy under Coolidge?

i don't know really