Who appoints the president?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The people do mainly. But when a majority of people from a state choose one candidate the electorial votes from that state go towards the most voted for candidate.

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Q: Who appoints the president?
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Who appoints the governor of the states in India?

President of India appoints the Governor of states in India

Who appoints cabinets members and who approves them?

the president appoints and the senate approves

Which government branch to decide whether or not to approve the people of the president appoints to be judges?

Congress approves, the president appoints.

Who appoints the supreme court justices?

The president appoints the supreme court justices

Who appoints government officials?

The President

Who approves the appoints of the president?


Who appoints CAG?

The president of india

Who appoints the attorney general?

The President

Who appoints Supreme Court Justices?

The President

The what branch appoints the judicial branch?

The president appoints the jjustices of the Supreme Court and the Senate approves it.

Who appoints the supreme court judges in India?

In INDIA, the President appoints the supreme court judges

Who appoints the U.S. Chief Justice?

The President appoints the Chief Justice as well as all the others.