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The President

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Q: Who decides what jobs the vice president is given besides his constitutional ones?
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Is the vice president given the constitutional responsibility to act as the presiding head of supream court?

No, under the US Constitution the Vice President serves as the President of the Senate.

Who decides what laws should govern man's natural tendencies?

A nation's or State's lawmakers, usually. In the USA, such a law can however be veto'ed by the President. And even if implemented, a decision on appeal can be given by the Supreme Court whether any such a law is too much of an infringement on anyone's Constitutional rights.

What title is given to the leader of a constitutional government?

The title given to the leader of a constitutional government varies depending on the country. In many countries, the leader is referred to as the President, while in others, they may be called the Prime Minister or the Chancellor. Some countries also have unique titles for their leaders, such as Emperor, King, or Queen.

Which branch of government has ultimate control?

No branch of government has ultimate control. Thankfully we have something called separation of powers (checks and balances). Example Congress legislative branch make laws. the president executive branch enforces them. the courts the judicial branch decides whether the law are constitutional. They interpret the law. Sadly over the years congress and given powers and extended the powers to the president.

What is Constitutional Autochthony?

Constitutional autochthony is asserting constitutional nationalism that is given by an outside power. It is a sort of autonomy that is given by a benevolent government.

Must the Presidential oath of office be given at a specific day and time?

There is no constitutional mandate for the U.S. Presidential oath of office to be given on any particular day or time. The modern consensus (again, not constitutionally mandated) is that the previous President is, technically, no longer in power, as of midnight on the given day the oath of office is to be given to the new President (even if it's the same person), and that noon of that day is the time the new President will be given the oath. As soon as the new President has completed the oath, he is, technically speaking, granted all the powers of that office.

Can the president amend the US Constitution.?

No. The president has no direct part in amending the Constitution. He can lobby for Constitutional changes and if given the opportunity, can nominate Supreme Court justices who may interpret the Constitution in ways that amount that amount to changes.

What are the two competing views of the constitutional phrase executive power?

One view of executive power is that the president is to do whatever is necessary to get the job down at any cost, and the other is that the president should only act with the powers and consent given to him by Congress.

What was the Constitutional Convention given permission to do?

The Constitutional Convention was given permission to revise the Articles of Confederation. Thus, created the United States Constitution which is still in use today.

Who was given the executive power was given to?

The executive power of the US was given to the president.

What Constitutional powers are given to the states?

What Constitutional power did McCulloch v. Maryland in 1819 test?

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No, an offeror can't revoke an option contract if the offeror decides that the consideration given is inadequate. There would be an option to purchase the land.