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Benjamin Franklin.

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Q: Who helped gain french support for American independence?
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What prominent member of the continental congress helped gain french support for the American independence?

Ben Franklin

What effect did the Battle of Saratoga have on the Revolution?

The American victory in the second Battle of Saratoga convinced the French to get involved and to support the Americans, which greatly helped the cause of the American Revolution. The American War of Independence was fought from 1775 to 1783.

What roles french and british played in early American history?

The British colonised America and the French colonised Canada. The British beat the French out of Canada with the help of the Canadian native tribes and the American colonists. However, the American colonists then fought for their independence from Britain in the 1770s. The British were helped by the Native American Indians, but eventually the French helped the Americans and the British grated independence to America.

Who asked France to help the Americans during the revolutionary war?

i think that the one who persuaded France to enter the American Revolution to be on the American side was James Hancock :)

Why did Louis XVI's France such a large national debt?

The French government had helped fund the American Revolution.

Who helped the Americans to won Revolutionary War against the British?

The country that helped America in the American War of Independence is France.

What were America advantages during the Revolutionary War?

its either availabe resources of money,a larger navy,able to competent leaders or well-organized and trained armies

Why did some Americans believed that the US should help France?

Because it was French money, and the French navy, that helped the American Colonials win their Revolution against the British and gain their Independence.

What happened after the common sense was published?

After "Common Sense" was published in 1776 by Thomas Paine, it became a popular and influential pamphlet that spread revolutionary ideas and helped rally support for independence from Britain. The writing helped galvanize the American colonists to declare independence and fight for freedom, ultimately leading to the American Revolutionary War.

Who helped gain American Independence?

Primarily France.

Who helped American independence?

Many people. One of them was Thomas Jefferson.

Why did England not support french revolution?

England and France had been at war with each other for centuries, and France had helped the Americans fight their American Revolution against the English. Therefore, England did not support anything French. Also, no other countries what soever supported the French Revolution.