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Q: Who is Marie martin parents names?
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What are Marie Curie's parents names in English?

what is marie curie's parents names

What are Johnny Reid's parents names?

Johnny Reid's parents' names are Brian Slater and Marie Reid.

What are jaquline wilsons parents names?

lee and Marie

Marie curies parents names?

Wladyslaw and Bronislawa

What were J Edgar Hoover's parents names?

His parents names were Dickerson Naylor Hoover and Annie Marie Scheitlin Hoover.

What was Sophie Germains parents names?

Her parents were Marie-Madeleine Germain and Ambroise-Franҫois Germain

What are the names of Frank Sinatra's parents?

Martin and Natalie ("Dolly") Sinatra were his parents.

What are the names of president taft's parents?

Their names were Alfonso Taft and Louisa Marie Torrey Taft.

What were the names names of martin luthers parents?

Martin Luther king sr. and mrs. kingHis dads name was Martin Luther King Sr.

What is Martin van Burens parents names?

his parents names were Abraham Van Buren and Maria Hoes Van Alen

What is Adrien Marie Legendre parents names?

I'm trying to figure it out as well.

What are the names of Marie osmond's parents?

Marie Osmonds' mothers' name is Olive Osmond. Marie Osmonds' fathers' name is George Osmond Janae :)