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Q: Who is governor winthrop in The Scarlet Letter?
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What is Hester not asked to make in The Scarlet Letter?

Hester is not asked to make a pair of gloves in The Scarlet Letter. She is asked to make a burial garment for Governor Winthrop.

Who is Governor Winthrop in the book The Scarlet Letter?

Governor Winthrop in "The Scarlet Letter" is a strict and powerful figure in the Puritan society of Salem. He represents authority and adherence to religious and moral principles. He plays a minor role in the novel as a symbol of the rigid social structure and the prevalence of judgment and hypocrisy in the community.

Describe governor bellingham in The Scarlet Letter?

he was my dad

The governor of the Massachusetts colony was?

John Winthrop was the governor of the Massachusetts colony.

Why are Hester and pearl out in the middle of the night in the scarlet letter?

Hester and Pearl are out in the middle of the night in "The Scarlet Letter" because Pearl wanted to see the governor, who was returning from a night out. Hester also needed to speak with the governor about Pearl's custody.

What are some historical events in The Scarlet Letter?

well there are a bunch which cannot be listed!~! by the way i wrote this kianna savage from the imani school!~! EDIT: There are none. The Scarlet Letter is a fictional novel. Only Winthrop and Bellingham actually existed.

Who is sister is a witch in The Scarlet Letter?

Governor Bellingham's sister, Misses Hibbins is the witch

Who led governor john winthrop?


Who led by governor john winthrop?


What was Puritan leader and Massachusetts Bay Governor John Winthrop and attitude toward liberty?

it was John Winthrop

John winthrop served as governor in one?


Who was elected governor of the Massachuttes Colony?

John Winthrop!