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Q: Who is the guy on the 100 dollar bill?
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Is Benjamin Franklin on a bill?

American $100 bill :)

What did dr drone say to the guy who thought he was on the 100 dollar bill?

Go shopping the change will do you good.

What did Dr Drone say to the guy who thought he was a 100 dollar bill?

Go shopping the change will do you good

What are the metric names for a pennydime10 dollar bill 100 dollar bill and 1000 dollar bill?

Penny: Centidollar Dime: Decidollar Ten dollar bill: Decadollar 100 dollar bill: Hectodollar 1,000 dollar bill: Kilodollar

How many dollars is a 100 bill worth?

A 100 dollar bill is worth 100 one dollar bills.

What was a 100 dollar bill worth in 1935?

I suspect a $100 dollar bill was worth exactly $100 in 1935!

I do you turn a dollar bill into a hundred dollar bill?

times it by 100.

Why is the 100 dollar bill called a mallard?

Where did the term mallard come from when referring to a 100 dollar bill

If sam had 100 dollar bill and he lose it gambling and he borrowed 100 dollar bill from Fred and lose that 100 dollar bill too and had to pay Fred back that 100 dollar bill how many did sam lose?

he lose 200 dollars in all cause he had to pay it back

What is the value of a Japanese 100 dollar bill?

There is not a such a thing has a Japanese dollar bill. Currency is referred to as 'yen'. A 100 dollar bill USD is equal to 10603.50 yen.

Who is on the American 100 dollar bill?

Benjamin Franklin appears on the front of the current US $100 Dollar bill.

Which of these US denominations does not exist A 20 dollar bill B 50 dollar bill C 100 dollar bill D 200 dollar bill?