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the conculs

had the right to veto others decisions

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Q: Who uad the right to veto each other's decision?
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In ancient Rome what position of authority had the right to veto each others decisions?

The consuls. Here's a brief description on them. The consuls served for only a year (to prevent corruption) and could only rule when they agreed, because each consul could veto the others decision.

Who had the right to veto each other's decisions?


To veto means to?

To veto is to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body.

What Veto practice did Andrew Jackson establish?

the veto can be used without the supreme court decision

What is one way each branch can check another branch?

hit them down

What is right of veto?

If congress passes a bill the president has the right to "veto" or not pass it.

How does veto power affect congressional decision making?

any decision the president makes they can overturn it

What are four ways to influence government decision-making?


What is the governor's right to reject a bill called?


What is it called when governors veto certain parts of a bill and approve others?

When a Governer approves parts of a bill and vetos others, it is called using a "line item veto."

Can a decision of the us supreme court be over turned by a presidential veto?


What is a word that overrides a decision that starts with v?

The word you are looking for is VETO.