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John F. Kennedy was President in July 1962; he was elected in 1960 and assassinated in 1963.

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Q: Who was US president in July 1962?
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In July 2010 who was the president?

The president of the US was Barack Obama all of July 2010.

Who was Vice US President in 1962?

Lyndon Johnson

Which president of the US in 1962 addressed the US Congress?

In the United States in 1962, the US president was John F. Kennedy. He would address the Senate or the House if there was a cause to do so and by the Constitution, the president is obligated to address the whole Congress for an annual State of the Nation Address.

Who was US president in July 1969?

Richard Nixon

First president born on July 8th?

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Calvin Coolidge was the only US president born on the fourth of July, so far.

Who was the 30th president of the us born on the 4th of July?

The 30th president of the United States was Calvin Coolidge, and he was born of July 4, 1872.

What president was born on July 27th?

No US president was born on July 27. Barack Obama , born August 8, comes closest.

What day was July 23rd 1962 on?

July 23rd 1962 was on a Monday.

What day was July 5 1962?

July 5 1962 was a Thursday.

What day was July 2nd 1962?

July 2nd 1962 was a Monday.

What day of the week was July 30 1962?

July 30 1962 was a Monday.