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While Alexander Hamilton is credited as being the father of the U.S. Coast Guard (due to being the first Secretary of the Treasury Department and founding the original Revenue-Marine, renamed the Revenue Cutter Service), Sumner Increase Kimball is essentially the father of the functional U.S. Life-Saving Service. Originally a lawyer from Massachusetts, Kimball became a clerk at the Treasury Dept. and was appointed in 1862, and was placed in charge of the Revenue Marine Bureau there in 1871. When the Life-Saving Bureau was organized in 1878 he was appointed its head. Under his direction, the Life-Saving Service was extended to the Pacific Coast and the Great Lakes, and transforming it from an uneven collection of volunteer-staffed hit-or-miss facilities around the US coastline, into a coherent, full-time staffed and well-trained organization.

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Q: Who was the father of the US life saving service?
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