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John Adams was the US President (from 1797-1801). The resolution of the Quasi-War with France (1798-1800) came too late to help him gain re-election.

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John Adams, 2nd US President from 1797 to 1801 is associated with XYZ Affair.

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The XYZ affair occurred during the John Adams administration.

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Q: Who was the first US President involved in the XYZ affair?
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What year is the xyz affair?

The XYZ affair occurred in 1797 under President John Adams.It was first made public in April1798 in the United States.

Who was involved in the XYZ Affair?

France and usa

The XYZ Affair involved relations between the US and England.?

False. The XYZ affair wqasbetween France and the United States of America.

How did president Adams react to the xyz affair?

he didnt

How did Adams Handle the XYZ affair?

The XYZ Affair in 1797 was handled by the then President John Adams by sending three diplomats to France to negotiate with the parties involved. The French demanded a bounty to be paid first, but the United States refused. Two of the men went home. The third stayed behind and ended the argument.

What person was president during the XYZ Affair?

John Adams

Did The XYZ Affair involved relations between the US and England?

true xD

Countries involved in the xyz affair?

I believe it was the United States of Amercia as well as France.

Was the xyz affair a success or failure?

the XYZ Affair was not a success it was a failure

Which country's leaders refused to meet with the US diplomats unless they received a bribe?

That was France in the XYZ Affair of the 1790s.

What president was responsible for the XYZ affair and the Alien and Sedition acts?

John Adams was the president responsible for both the XYZ affair and the Alien and Sedition acts. The XYZ affair was a diplomatic incident with France in the late 1790s, while the Alien and Sedition acts were a series of laws passed in 1798 that aimed to limit immigration and silence criticism of the government.

What did John Adams do about the XYZ affair?

During what's known as the XYZ Affair, President Adams sent diplomats to France for the purpose of attempting to negotiate peace with France. The end result was the Treaty of Mortefontaine.