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They did not have a government.

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Q: Who was the government for the Archaic Indians?
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What is the religion of the archaic Indians?

what is the religion of the archaic

What Indians lived in NJ?

the Lenape ,the Archaic, and the Paleo -Indians

What religion is the archaic Indians?


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Did the archaic Indians play football?

I think that the Archaic indians did play football because they were weird people so who knows what theyll do next!

Why did some Archaic Indians settle in communities?

The Archaic Indians lived along the coast of rivers so they could go fishing more easily. They were nomads so they moved from place to place. Most of the Archaic Indians lived in New England.

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Where did the Archaic Indians live in Ohio?

i did not understand?

What did the archaic Indians do that was the first?

Plant crops

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What animals did the archaic Indians hunt?


What did archaic Indians eat?

Most of what are called "archaic" Indians were hunter gatherers. They collected fruits and vegetables. The also hunted for the abundant, available game.