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Barack Obama

All Presidents have been born in the US, but President Obama was born in Hawaii, which (being a chain of islands) is not part of the continental US.

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None. All US presidents have been born on land that is now part of the United States.

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Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii and is the only President born outside the boundaries of the 48 constiguous states.

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Q: Who was the only president not born in the us?
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What is a US president born in the US?

A native-born US citizen. This is not necessary to be president however, you need only be a natural-born US citizen.

What were the name's of us president's born in Iowa?

Herbert Hoover was the only President born in Iowa.

Who is the only president to be born outside the continental US?

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is the only president not born on the continent.

Who was the first US President from Hawaii?

President Barak Obama is the only President born in Hawaii.

Has a us president been born Hawaii or Alaska?

The only U.S president that was born in Hawaii is Obama.

Can one born to a mother of US citizenship and father of African citizenship be president?

Only if you are born in the US.

Who was the only us president born in NYC?

Theodore Roosevelt

Which president of the US was born in Arkansas?

Bill Clinton is the only Arkansan President.

Could one be president of the US only being a non US born resident?

The president of the United States must be a natural born US citizen. This is a requirement made in the US Constitution.

Can illegal immigrants become president if they have usis?

No. Only people who were born in the US can become president.

Which president is the only one not born on the continental US?

what presidents were not born in the united states

What presidents were born in Pennslyvania?

James Buchanan was the only US President born in Pennsylvania.