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Q: Who were the governors of the 1700s?
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How were colonial governments in the 1700s similar?

They all had royally appointed governors.

In the 1700s some British colonies were able to exert a considerable amount of control over royal governors because?

Your mom. Or they wanted to, either answer will work.

What period in time was the 1700s?


List of governors names in New Mexico?

There have been Spanish Governors, Mexican Governors, US Military Governors, US Territorial Governors and US State Governors, There have been Elected Governors, Appointed Governors, Temporary Governors, Cruel Governors, Corrupt Governors, Republican Governors, Democratic Governors, Famous Governors and Infamous Governors, Good and Bad Governors. The severed head of at least one Governor was once displayed in the Plaza in front of the Palace of the Governors. The long list covering 400 years of leadership in what is now the State of New Mexico begins with Don Juan de Onate and ends in 2010 with Bill Richardson and to date includes no women. Keep in mind as you fill in the gap between these two that for 12 years during the Pueblo Revolt, the office existed but was held by people who never set foot in New Mexico.

What are the governors in Puerto rico?

They are Territorial Governors.

How many governors were the in Pennsylvania?

about 46 governors

What happened in the 1700s in America?

what happened in the 1700s

What seas did pirates sail?


Was there school in the 1700s?

Yes, there were schools in the 1700s

What is the work of governors board member?

The Governors board members are responsible for displaying a Governors beliefs. They are also responsible for setting meetings, and being the Governors voice at times.

What was the population of Boston in the 1700s?

what is the population of Boston in 1700s

Who appoints the state governors?

In the US, state governors are chosen by popular election. The people choose governors.