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The Presidential Succession Law of 1947 provides for the possiblity of simultaneous disability of both the president and vice president. In order for these individuals to assume the presidency, they must also meet all the legal requirements to serve as president. * 1. Vice President of the United States * 2. Speaker of the House * 3. President pro tempore of the Senate Then followed by the President's Cabinet in the following order of succession: * 4. Secretary of State * 5. Secretary of the Treasury * 6. Secretary of Defense * 7. Attorney General * 8. Secretary of the Interior * 9. Secretary of Agriculture * 10. Secretary of Commerce * 11. Secretary of Labor * 12. Secretary of Health & Human Services * 13. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development * 14. Secretary of Transportation * 15. Secretary of Energy * 16. Secretary of Education * 17. Secretary of Veterans' Affairs * 18. Secretary of Homeland Security

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Q: Who would become President if both the Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representitives die?
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