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Political bosses were considered to be more about politics than philanthropy because they were helping people in return for the votes they needed. They also received payoffs.

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Q: Why did many Americans consider the work of political bosses such as George Washington Plunkitt to be more about politics than philanthropy?
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What man gained political support by providing jobs and services to both immigrants and African Americans?

george washington plunkitt

What are facts about George Washington Plunkitt?

George Washington Plunkitt was a New York state senator.

When was George Washington Plunkitt born?

George Washington Plunkitt was born in 1842.

When did George Washington Plunkitt die?

George Washington Plunkitt died in 1924.

Who was An urban political boss who defended honest graft?

George Washington Plunkitt was an urban political boss who defended "honest graft."

What is George Washington Plunkitt's position on drinking?

George Washington Plunkitt's stance on drinking and alcohol is that he does not believe that you can be a successful politician if you are a drinking man.

What is the difference between honest and deshonest for George Washington plunkett?

According to George Washington Plunkitt, dishonest graft meant working for one's own personal benefit. Honest graft meant working for the benefit of one's political party or community.

Story of George Washington Plunkitt s day of helping to make the point that?

People's needs in the exploding cities gave a new breed of politicians a chance to get rich from graft.

Who was George W. Plunkitt?

G, W. Plunkitt (1842-1924) was an politician from New York. He served in both Houses of the NY State Legislature. He was part of the Tammany Hall machine in New York City.

Who is the oldest qb to win the Super Bowl?

Jim Plunkitt

Who rose to be one of New York's most powerful party bosses?

George Plunkitt

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