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Q: Why is the battle of saratoga called the battles of saratoga?
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What can you tell me about the Battles of Saratoga?

The battle of saratoga was in Saratoga on the hudsion bay in new york....!!!!!!!!!

What are 3 major battles of the Revaluation?

Battle of Trenton. Battle of Saratoga, Battle of Yorktown

Battles that led up to the battle of saratoga?

Bennington and Oriskany, the results of which doomed Burgoyne at Saratoga.

After what battle did General Burgoyne surrender to the Americans?

It was after the second of the two Battles of Saratoga that General Burgoyne of Great Britain surrendered his men. This occurred on October 7, 1777.

How many patriots died in the battle of saratoga?

More than 600 soldiers died during the Battle of Saratoga.

Which resulted from the battles near saratoga new york?

the battle of saratoga took place in saratoga, new york. there were actually two battles that made up this one. The first one was the Battle on Freeman's Farm. The second battle was the Battle of Bemis Heights.

When did the Americans win the battle Saratoga?

There were actually two battles in the Battle of Saratoga. One was called the Battle of Freeman's Farm on September 19, 1777. The other was called the Battle of Bemis Heights on October 7, 1777.

Which battles convinced the British that they could not defeat the Americans?

The battle of Saratoga.

Was saratoga the last battle?

There were two battles of Saratoga, which one do you mean? In the final battle, the Americans won because the British surrendered because they were outnumbered.

What happened in th battle of Saratoga?

In the Battle of Saratoga, the British were halted in their attempt to attack the colonies from Canada. The battle is actually two battles that occurred a few weeks apart.

What Series of battles in which the Americans attacked Burgoyne's forces and defeated them?

This was the Battle of Saratoga

What two major battles caused Britain to quit fighting?

Battle of Saratoga.