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Many Federalists were large land owners who wanted the property protection that a strong central government could provide. Supporters also included merchants and artisans in large coastal cities.

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Yes and No; Yes for the purpose that they convinced the general public of the intent behind the constitution and preserved that intent for history. No, as that intent has been deviated from over the years.

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no, it only lasted for one term, and then it was never used again

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Q: Why were federalists successful?
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What strategies made the federalist arguments of the constitution successful?

promise of a bill of rights and compromise with anti-federalists

What might the US have been like if the Anti federalists had been successful?

it really depends on what he/she is thinking what to do with it & it also depends the characteristic he/she is.

Those who supported adoption of the Constitution were called?

They were called Federalists.

Were the federalists the north or the south?

The Federalists were the North. The Confederates were the South. Federalists were against slavery and the Confederates were for slavery. Confederates is against the federalists, or opposite the federalists. CONfederalists.

Who were These people supported the Constitution?


What terms is applied to the people who supported the constitution?

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When Thomas Jefferson referred to his successful bid for the presidency in 1800 as the revolution of 1800 he meant that?

It represented a thorough yet peaceful repudiation of the monarchical power of the federalists.

What is the antonym for federalists?


What are the opponents of the constitution?

what is a opponet

What was not a significant difference between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists during the ratification debates?

Federalists were overwhelmingly northern; Anti-Federalists were overwhelmingly southern

What groups were at the constitutional convention?

The two main factions at the Constitutional Convention were the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Basically, the Federalists were in favor of a single governing power, while the Anti-Federalists recognized the need for states to govern themselves.

What might the US have been like if the Anti-federalists had been successful?

It would probably be a less federalist country - which means that the central government would have more power.