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Edmund Burke

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Q: Who was the political thinker recommended that legislators retained independence from their constituents?
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Who are congress members primarily responsible to?

Their constituents* and their political party (mostly democrats or republicans)*Constituents are the people that members of Congress Represent.

Explain 3 political ideals in the declaration of independence?

Explain 3 political ideals in the decleration of independence?"

What did political scientist Larry Bartels demonstrate in his book Unequal Democracy?

In Unequal Democracy, political scientist Larry Bartels demonstrates that elected officials are substantially more responsive to the concerns of their more affluent constituents than to those of their poorer constituents.

What immunities do members of congress have?

The purpose is to prevent the arrest and prosecution of unpopular legislators based on their political views.

What has the author Sarah Childs written?

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What has the author Grant Reeher written?

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What roles do congressional leaders play and what is their relation to political parties?

Congressional leaders, such as the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate, play crucial roles in shaping and executing the legislative agenda of their respective chambers. They determine the priorities and schedule for legislative action, liaise with the President and executive branch, and coordinate party members' votes. Congressional leaders are typically members of political parties and work closely with their party members to advance party goals and ensure party discipline in voting.

What has the author Doug Richardson written?

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In the US political leaders are elected to represent the American people. While presidents governors and legislators have political authority their power comes directly from the citizens who vote for?

John Locke APEX

Who were the political leaders of India before Independence?

the tlibanians

What is economic legal political and social impact of the Declaration of Independence?

economic - google refused to tell me social - no more slaves political- get independence , start revolutionary war

The great awakening of the mid 1700s affected the british colonies by?

Encouraging greater religious enthusiasm and political independence.