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You have to press send.

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2012-06-12 23:07:01
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Q: How do you send pictures with a camera phone?
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Can you send pictures from your camera to your phone?

No. You can upload pictures from your camera onto your computer then send them to your phone.

Can you send or receive pictures if you don't have camera on phone?

no i doubt you can, and if you can, then you have a weird phone.

Can i take pictures on nextel camera phones and sent them to my friends?

Yes you can take pictures on your Nextel camera phone and send it to your friends as long as you have the MMS messaging in your phone plan.

How do you put pictures on you computers?

there is two ways ;if you have a camera with pictures on it , plug the adapter in to thee computer & yurr camera & it will do uploading by itself or yuu can have a phone with pictures in it & send the pictures to your email.& if yuu dont have an email , create one ;)

Can you send a picture from a camera phone to a non-camera phone?


How do you send an image from a PC to a LG VX3200 mobile phone?

You can't. It isn't a camera phone. The phone must be able to take pictures, in order to receive them.

What are the benefits of a camera phone?

Well, you usually keep your phone with you in case you have to call someone, or they call you. But you don't bring your camera with you almost everywhere, so if it is in your phone you're more likely to have it when you need to use it. Plus, you can send your pictures and recordings to other people with a camera enabled phone.

What if your phone doesn't have a camera?

then you can't take pictures with your phone.

How can you send pictures from your email to your phone?

put your phone number on your email and then send it to your phone

How do you send pictures from your computer to your cell phone?

if your phone has email built in you can send it from there

How do you make pictures to send to your phone for your phone?

you cant make your own pictures for your phone but you can get pictures from phonezoo. And you can forward pictures too. If you want to go to phonezoo then go to google and type it in. They have pictures and music you can buy to send to your phone for free.

How do you send pictures from gmail to Verizon cell phone?

You can not send pictures from Mail to a phone. However you can open the mail in a phone. You can them download the images to the phone memory.

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