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Q: What makes graffiti a primary source?
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Is a human bone a primary or a secondary source?

a human bone is a primary source because it is so old and it has been in time so that makes it a primary source!

Is Graffiti nice?

no, not at all. what makes you think graffiti is nice....

What makes an item a rocket?

The primary thing that makes an item a rocket is its ability to fly into the air. A propellant or fuel source is the primary company needed to achieve this.

What is the primary source of sound energy?

Sources of sound energy are anything that makes sound

Is a diary primary or secondary?

It is a primary source.

Is a picture a primary or secondary source?

A picture can indeed be a primary source.

Is the Rosetta stone secondary or primary source?

it is a primary source

Could a photograph be considered a primary source Why or why not?

It is a primary source because it was taken at the time.

What is the difference between graffiti tags and artwork?

Real graffiti is artwork while graffiti tags are generally considered vandalism. Graffiti artwork adds to the urban landscape, is pleasing to look at and makes one think, while graffiti tags are a quick inscription or signature to let people know you were there.

Is the Mayflower Compact a primary or secondary source?

Primary Source

Is a a coin a primary source?

yes,a coin is a primary source

What item is a example of a primary source apex?

A letter is a primary source.