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No but the sizes of OTHER planets and planetesimals can and do.

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Q: Does the size of a planet has any impact on the eccentricity of a planets orbit?
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Which planet has an elongates orbit?

All planets have at least some elongation or orbital eccentricity and thus not a perfectly circular orbit. Since Pluto was demoted from true planet status, Mercury is now the planet with highest eccentricity (of about 0.21)

Which Planet has the most eccentric orbit?

Mercury's orbit has the highest eccentricity of all the Solar System planets. It used to be Pluto, but Pluto is now a dwarf planet. Also if you were wondering Mars has the 2nd highest eccentricity.

What planet has the most elongated orbit?

What you are referring to is the eccentricity of the planet's orbit around the sun. Eccentricity of a circular orbit is 0.0, whereas the eccentricity of an extremely elongated orbit is 1.0. So the closer the eccentricity of a planet's orbit is to 1.0, the more elongated is its orbit around the sun. Many extra solar planets have high eccentricities in accordance with their parent stars. In our solar system Mercury ( .20563) and Pluto (.24880766) have the highest eccentric orbits.

What orbit has the eccentricity that is closest to 0?

Of the planets in our solar system, Venus has the smallest eccentricity.

What is Venus's eccentricity of orbits?

the planet orbit called venus has an eccentricity of 0.007.

Which planets move in an elliptical orbit?

All the planets move with an elliptical orbit, but with a very low eccentricity.

Is the shape of the orbit of each planet is a circle true?

No, all the planets have orbits that are technically ellipses with low eccentricity. Apart from Mercury all the other seven planets have orbits that are very nearly circular, but the Sun is offfset from the centre of the circle by a different amount for each planet depending on the eccentricity of the orbit.

The eccentricity of a planet's orbit describes?

diviation in shape to circle

Which planet's orbit is most nearly circular?

Although all planets have elliptical orbits, Venus has the least eccentric orbit (eccentricity of 0.00677323, where 0 would be circular)

Which planet has an orbital eccentricity most like the orbital eccentricity of the earth?

The Earths orbit is fairly un-eccentric when compared to the other planets, with only Neptune and Venus having more regular (less eccentric) orbits. The eccentricity of earths orbit is 0.0167, the closest to this is Neptune's, with a value of 0.00859

What are the planets has the most elliptical and tilted orbit?

None of the planets orbit the sun perfectly in a circle, there is a degree of deviation from this perfect circle called eccentricity. The higher the eccentricity (more more the eccentric the orbit is) the further away from this perfect circle the orbit is. The planet that deviates most from a perfect circle, having the highest eccentricity, is Neptune. Neptune also has the highest axial tilt, tilted over onto its side as it orbits the sun.

Is their a direct relationship between the eccentricity of its orbit and the distance a planet is from the sun?


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