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The Viking 1 and Viking 2 missions consisted of both an orbiter and a lander. The lander landed on the surface of Mars to collect data and images.

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Q: The Viking 1 and Viking 2 missions consisted of both an orbiter and a?
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Do viking 1 and viking 2 missions consist of both orbiters and landers?


What are the names of all of the Americans space shuttles?

Enterprise (first orbiter used for test flights only)ColumbiaChallenger ( both destroyed in accidents)DiscoveryAtlantisEndeavour

Which was the first probe to land on Mars?

The first successful objects to land on the surface of Mars were two Soviet probes, Mars 2 and Mars 3 from the Mars probe program, launched in 1971, but both lost contact within seconds of landing.Then came the 1975 NASA launches of the Viking program, which consisted of two orbiters, each having a lander; both landers successfully touched down in 1976. Viking 1 remained operational for six years, Viking 2 for three. The Viking landers relayed the first color pictures of Mars and also mapped the surface of Mars so well that the images are still sometimes used to this day.= =The US sent a spacecraft to Mars, arriving on July 14, 1965According to the Soviet missions to Mars, Mars 2 andMars 3 were unsuccesful.The next successful mission to Mars was Mariner 6, which blasted off on February 25, 1969 and reached the planet on July 31, 1969.Mariner 9, the first spacecraft to successfully go into orbit around Mars arrived November 13, 1971

Who was on the viking 2 mission?

Viking 1 and Viking 2 were launched by the US in 1975. Both probes traveled to Mars, took photos of large expanses of the planet's surface from orbit, and released landers. The Viking 1 lander later transmitted the first pictures from the Martian surface. Both landers carried experiments designed to detect living organisms or life processes, but neither of them found any convincing signs of life. The Vikings and their landers were unmanned (robotic) spacecraft.

What are the roles of the space shuttle and the space station in space programs?

they both can be used in space to do missions

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The viking 1 and 2 missions consisted of both an orbiter and a.?


The viking 1 and viking 2 missions consist of both orbiters and a?


Do the viking 1 and viking 2 missions consist of both orbiters and landers?


Do viking 1 and viking 2 missions consist of both orbiters and landers?


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What planet had a spacecraft land on it in 1976?

Mars. Viking 1 and Viking 2 both landed on the planets surface in 1976.

Was the Viking a lunar probe?

No, it was a Martian one. There were actually two Viking probes, both launched in August 1975 and arriving at Mars in June the following year. Each probe consisted of two parts, an orbital satellite and a lander, which seperated in the Martian orbit, allowing the landers to descend to the Martian surface. Both made landfall in the South-Eastern part of the planet, although they were hundreds of miles apart from each other. The purpose of the mission was for the orbiters to take detailed photographs and radar screenings of the planet's surface that might give an insight into it's geology and history (i.e. whether it may once have had water on it, etc.), whilst the landers were to take photographs of their surroundings and analyse soil and rock samples. The Viking 2 orbiter functioned up until July '78, when a leak in it's fuel system forced mission control to shut it down. It subsequently crashed onto Mars's surface. The Viking 2 lander functioned up until April 1980, when it had battery failure and ceased to function. The Viking 1 orbiter had to be shut down in August the same year due to depletion of it's altitude control fuel, but remains orbiting the planet in a defunct state and will probably crash-land onto the surface some time in 2019. Most succesful of all was the Viking 1 lander, which had a career of an incredible SIX YEARS until human error caused antenna damage in November 1982. Both landers took some of the best photographs of the Martian surface ever taken, even by today's standards.

What did viking 1 and 2 do in space?

They didn't actually do anything in space, as they were probes sent to the planet Mars. They were launched in the August of 1975 and arrived at Mars in June the following year- each probe had two sections, an orbital satellite designed to take photos of the planet from above, and a lander designed to analyse and collect data from the Martian soil as well as take photographs of the Martian surface. Both probes landed in the South-Eastern hemisphere of the planet, although they were hundreds of miles apart from one another. The Viking missions were a huge success, with both probes and satellites functioning for several years (the Viking 1 lander was working up until November 1982, and then it was only human error that stopped it functioning!) For more information about the Viking missions, you can look up a previous answer I gave about them in my own WikiAnswers contributions, or alternatively visit the Wikipedia page devoted to them.

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