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There used to be a few decks that offered NTSC playback. Today, it is hard to find a VHS deck in the shops at all, never mind an NTSC compatible unit. JVC was about the best known for the multi standard decks and a search on the internet might just come up with one. Alternatively, some specialist shops may still have them - if you are close enough, Edgeware Road in London has numerous retailers that buy from Europe and the Middle East, where multi standard players are fairly common. If you manage to find one, adding the make and model number to this answer will help others. The other option to consider is to buy a US player (the shipping charges will be largely offset by the lower purchase price). You will need a transformer to supply 110V and also a television that will handle true NTSC. A note of caution: Some UK televisions claim to handle NTSC, but in fact will only display a transcoded signal that results in a PAL signal at US line and frame rates.

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Q: What UK video recorders support the NTSC playback?
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How do you convert ntsc video into pal video?

You will need to export the video again. This time instead of selecting NTSC, choose PAL.

What are the specs to look for in a video recorder in the UK that will play American videos?

The TV system for the US is different to that of the UK, which is different to France and so on. Some use the same system but not always. I won't go into technical details, but the differences affect the colour and sound content of the video signal. The US television system uses a system called NTSC where as the PAL system is used over here in the UK. (In France they use SECAM). Basically, look for a UK video recorder that supports NTSC playback (you can get more expensive VCR's that will record in NTSC too!). That's it. The picture quality should be okay, but may be a little poor compared to the UK PAL playback.

What is kw-PCtv ntsc v1.4?

kw-PCtv ntsc v1.4 appears to be a video capture card or device with NTSC format compatibility, version 1.4. It is likely used for capturing or transferring video content in NTSC format to a computer for editing or viewing.

Video frame rate?

Video frame rate refers to the number of individual frames or images displayed per second in a video sequence. A standard frame rate for video playback is typically around 24-30 frames per second, although higher frame rates like 60fps are common for smoother motion. Frame rate impacts the perceived smoothness of video playback, with higher frame rates providing more fluid motion.

Can you take an ntsc xbox 360 to France?

France use PAL format video, you would not be able to play NTSC video on a PAL TV. Bring a NTSC monitor with you as long it can handle France's 220v 50Hz power

Will you be able to play a pal game on a ntsc wii with a video converter?


What done NTSC mean as a hard drive format?

Absolutely nothing. NTSC is a video broadcast standard. Perhaps you are thinking of NTFS, the NT File System?

Is NTSC TV and HD TV the same?

No, they are different things. NTSC is the color encoding process used in North America for standard definition video signals. In Europe, a similar encoding system called PAL is used for standard definition video. HD video is never encoded into a single signal and therefore neither NTSC nor PAL play any part in the transmission of any HD signal.

Does samsung's f8 lcd tv support both ntsc and pal?

Samsung does not sell LCD TVs that are PAL compatible. Samsung's F8 is a NTSC compatible LCD TV model. A converter can be purchased to make a television support PAL.

What format should homemade DVDs be?

You can download Prism Video Converter at NCH Software that will encode digital video to NTSC or PAL format.

What is a DVD video PAL movie?

It's a DVD video in the NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) video format (analog TV) which is 525 lines of resolution.

How do you convert audio and video to VGA?

VGA is a standard for video only. You can purchase a scan converter to convert NTSC or PAL composite video to VGA from a computer supply store.