Can black people be colorblind

Updated: 8/11/2023
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yes, black people can be colorblind. i does not matter what color or culture you are from. both white and black people can be colorblind

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humans in the womb are color blind, later we develop the ability to see

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No. I have a friend whose eyes are green/bronze, mostly green and he's colorblind.

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Q: Can black people be colorblind
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Do people see color the same?

No. Some people are colorblind so they only see black/white/gray.

What is the life expectancy for people that are colorblind?

The same for a person who is not colorblind

What do colorblind people see?

=They dont see any color all they see is black and white i believe.=

What do you colorblind people actually see when looking at various objects?

black and white. No colour, didn't really have to ask that did you?

Do black bear hamsters see in color?

No, they are colorblind.

Are donkeys colorblind?

Nobody really knows, people say cats are colorblind when they are not really. So I would say "No." donkeys are not colorblind

What colors can people see?

Contrary to popular belief, only a rare percentage colorblind people can only see in black and white. More commonly, colorblind people difficulty telling two colors apart, or being able to identify what color an object is. Colorblind people don't see anything "wrong", their perception of color is just slightly different. Only in a minority of colorblind people is colorblindness a major disability. Common colours to not be able to distinguish between are green and red, blue and orange.

What does the eye see better color or black and white?

There is no way to tell what color the eye sees better for everyone. Some people are colorblind for example.

What are the dogs favourite color in marmaduke?

gray, white, or black. dogs are colorblind.

How many chromosomes do colorblind people have?


Can people who are colorblind have a drivers license?

People who are colorblind can have a driver's license for driving a motor vehicle. One just needs to be aware where the red and green are on a traffic light.

Are the majority of people you refer to as color blind unable to see any color at all?

no color blind people are mainly red-green colorblind or less commonly blue-yellow colorblind