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Small nucleotide polymorphisms is one way that you get unique genetic fingerprints. Small stretches of DNA that can be in the non-coding region and are just random differences in neutral coding errors.

Google SNPS.

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Q: How are humans are nearly identical genetically in coding sequences but have unique DNA fingerprints?
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What is the technique that identifies and replicates the non-coding gene sequences in a strand of DNA?

DNA fingerprinting identifies and replicates the non-coding gene sequences.

The coding regions of a gene the portions that are expressed as polypeptide sequences are called?


Which parts of a gene are expressed as protein?

Coding sequences of a gene are expressed as protein

What are non-coding sequences in pre-mRNA called?

I dont even know -.-

What are chromosomes made of?

They ARE specific coding sequences of 2'-Deoxy-Ribonucleic-Acid. Sweet Searching!

What is the genetic coding?

The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material (DNA or RNA sequences) is translated into proteins (amino acid sequences) by living cells.

What is the relationship between genes and the genome?

The genome is the totality of all genetic material, both coding sequences (genes) and non-coding sequences, in an individual organism.

Constituents of a gene?

There are three main parts of a gene. First, the promoter includes when and where the gene should be transcribed. Then, the coding sequence contains the instructions for making a protein. Last, the terminator indicates that the coding sequence is over.

Is most of the DNA is humans coding DNA?

No - only a small part of human DNA is coding DNA. About 3% of DNA is genes. These are the sequences that code for a functional unit (like protein).

What are protein coding genes?

its genome sequence and blueprint of organisms, the set of instructions explaining its biological traits. The unfolding of these instructions is launched by the transcription of DNA into RNA sequences. Based on the standard model, the majority of RNA sequences stem from protein-coding genes, namely, they’re processed into mRNAs after their export to the cytosol and are translated into certain proteins.

Genes that are transcribed are called?

Genes that get transcribed is called structural gene. It is also known as the amino acid coding region.Our genome is made up of alternating introns and exons.Introns are the non-coding region the the genome whereas exons are the coding sequences.

Why is strawberry DNA easier to extract then human DNA?

Same nucleic acids, same coding sequences, though many of those sequences are quite variant, same coding for protein products and many coding regions showing the taxonomic linkage, though very far apart, of these two eukaryotic organisms.