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Enzymes are quite easy to break.So if the pH is too acidic,then the enzyme might break.Therefore if the temperature is too high,the enzyme will also break.

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Q: How do changes in pH and temperature affect the native confirmation of an enzyme?
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What are the levels of confirmation of an enzyme?

enzyme only work at a specific temperature of 37 if the temperature should exceed this temperature if will kill the enzyme

What are two factors that affect an enzyme function?

Temperature, pH, solute concentration, and salt content just to name a few. Temperature and Ph affect the function of enzymes because our body has a temperature of around 37 degrees and the conditions in our stomach are acidic. So9f or the enzyme to work properly then the working condidtions have to be at least 37 degrees and they need to acidic otherwise the enzyme won't work properly.

How do extreme pH and temperature extremes affect enzymes?

Enzymes operate best under a tight, optimal range of pH values. Extreme pH can seriously affect enzyme activity, so it is little wonder that big changes in pH can slow down enzyme activity. Extreme changes can often irreversibly inactivate and denature an enzyme.

What environment factors can affect the activity of an enzyme?


What can cause an enzyme to lose its confirmation?

When a protein is denatured, this can cause an enzyme to lose its confirmation.

Changes in pH or temperature decrease enzyme activity because bonds break and the enzyme returns to its tertiary structure?

Changes in pH or temperature decrease enzyme activity because bonds b reak and the enzyme returns to it's PRIMARY structure. (not tertiary)

What are 3 factors that affect the speed of an enzyme catalyzed reaction?

3 factors that affect the speed of an enzyme catalysed reaction are: .Temperature .Enzyme Concentartion .Substrate concentration

What can affect the speed of the enzyme action?

Temperature and ph level.

What 2 factors can affect an enzyme from working properly?

pH and Temperature both impact the enzyme's function.What_factors_affect_enzyme_production

What are some factors that affect enzyme speed?

Substance concentration, enzyme concentration, temperature and PH level

Temperature and can affect enzyme activity?

Ph level, enzyme concentration, substrate concentration etc

What are 3 things that can alter enzyme activity?

1. Temperature. 2. P.H level. 3. Enzyme concentration