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Q: If leucoplasts stain purple in the presence of iodine what do they store?
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How does iodine stain leucoplasts purple?

because they're are starches in the leucoplast

What is the purpose of adding Lugol's iodine to potato slide?

To stain the starch in the leucoplasts so they are visible

What stain is used to test for plant starch in cells?

aqueous iodine in the form of potassium iodide turns purple in the presence of starches in water.

What is the secondary stain in gram stain procedure?

It is crystal violet & stains all cells purple.

What structure does iodine stain?


How do you remove iodine stain from paper?

The iodine stain can be removed from the paper by washing the stain in plenty of cold water. Paper distillation can also be used to remove the iodine stain from the paper.

What color is gram negative stain and gram positive stain if you forget to apply iodine?

If iodine is not applied, both the gram-positive and gram-negative stains will appear to be gram-negative. The iodine acts as a mordant that helps to fix the crystal violet stain in the gram-positive bacteria, making them appear purple. Without iodine, the crystal violet stain can be easily washed out of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, resulting in a pink or red color.

What is idodine stain?

It is either iodine and it stains starch, or the other way around, starch that stains iodine, likely the former as it is biological. Starch or iodine can be used in chemical titrations also to indicate the presence of the other available in solution.

The name given to a liquid used to make cells structures easier to see?

Stain . Iodine is one.

What is the importance of iodine after primary stain?

Iodine work as a modrant which helps in fixing the stain properly by making a compled compoun of stain and cell wall.

What is the purpose of mordant stain in a differential staining procedure?

The resultant crystal violet- iodine (CV-1) complex serves to intensify the-color of the stain. At this point, all cells will appear purple black.

Why do you use iodine to stain a cell?

Iodine stains starch contained in cells. Iodine is also used to distinguish between Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria. The Gram stain contains iodine.