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Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Ziehl-Neelsen stain, also known as the acid fast stain, was first described by two German doctors, Franz Ziehl, a bacteriologist and Friedrich Neelsen a pathologist. It is a special bacteriological stain used to identify acid-fast organisms, mainly Mycobacteria.

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Q: Other name for ziehl neelsen
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What are the consequences of Ziehl-Neelsen staining?

The Ziehl-Neelsen stain is also known as the acid-fast stain. It contains sulfuric acid, and is used to identify acid-fast bacteria, or bacteria resistant to decolorization by acids from staining.

What is the birth name of Michael Neelsen?

Michael Neelsen's birth name is Michael David Neelsen.

When was Friedrich Neelsen born?

Friedrich Neelsen was born in 1854.

What is Ziehl-abegg's population?

Ziehl-abegg's population is 2,800.

What is the population of Ziehl-abegg?

The population of Ziehl-abegg is 2,010.

When was Ziehl-abegg created?

Ziehl-abegg was created in 1910.

When was Rüdiger Ziehl born?

Rüdiger Ziehl was born on 1977-10-26.

When was Michael Neelsen born?

Michael Neelsen was born on December 10, 1986, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

When did Friedrich Neelsen die?

Friedrich Neznansky died on February 14, 2013, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany.

What has the author Manfred Ziehl written?

Manfred Ziehl has written: 'Familienbuch Langd Kr. Giessen' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Registers of births

Why acid alcohol is used instead of ethyl alcohol in acid fast staining?

Acid alcohol destains non-acid fast bacteria but not Mycobacteria, which are resistant to the procedure due to the presence of mycolic acid. In the Ziehl Neelsen procedure, Mycobacteria remain red from the carbolfuchsin primary stain after destaining and non-acid fast bacteria (or tissue) which lose the primary stain during the destaining procedure are counterstained blue by methylene blue.

What kind of stain do you stain Mycobacterium with?

For Mycobacterium you will use the Acid-fast staining technique. There are two different methods of stainging: 1) Ziehl-Neelsen Method and 2) Kinyoun Method.1) The Ziel-Neelsen method uses a primary stain of Carbol Fuchsin dye that must be steam treated, rinsed with acid alcohol wash, and a secondary stain of Methylene Blue.2) The Kinyoun Method uses a primary stain of Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin dye that is not steam treated. An acid alcohol wash is applied and a secondary dye of Brilliant Green. This technique is called "cold staining".The mycolic acid within the Mycobacterium cell membrane has a high affinity for the Carbol Fuchsin dyes.