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plant cells have chlorophyll that i think a cell wall but chlorophyll is the main reason that they are green

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Cell wall and chloroplast

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somthing that i dont know :)

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a cell wall and chloroplasts

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Q: What are two features that plants cells have that animal cells do not?
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What are two differences cells and animal cells?

plant cell shave a cell wall - animal cells do not plants cells have chlorophyll - animal cells do not

What two organelles are found in plants cells but not in animal cells?

Chloroplasts and vacuoles.

What two structures do plants cells have that animal cells do not have?

plant cells have a cell wall, they also have a sap vacuole and chloroplast. Animal cells don't have any of these.

What are two things all plant cells have that animal cells don't have?

1, Cell wall is present in plant cells 2 ,Central vacule is present in plants 3 , chloroplasts are present in plants and absent in animal cells .

List two things that both animal cells and bacteria have?

which features do both plant cells and Bactria have

What features can be found in both plant and animal cells?

The basic two: the acquisition of foodstuffs and reproduction.

What two ways can cells differ?

1. plant cells have chloroplasts and chlorophil2.animal cells are circular and plant cells are rectangular.3.animal cells lack a cell wall4. animal cells have multiple vacuoles5.Plant cells don't have a nuclus.

What are two structures that are present in plant cells but are absent in animal cells?

Cell wall and Chloroplasts are present in plant cells but absent in animal cells.

What is one organelle found in a plant cell but not animal cells?

Chlorophyll is the only organelle that exists in plant cells and not animal cells.

What are the two main types of eukaryotic cells?

Plant and animal cells are the two types of eukaryotic cells. the animal has many small vacubles and cytosomes . plant haas cell wall central vacubles and chroplastAutotroph and HetertrophRead more: What_are_the_two_types_of_eukaryotic_cells

What two ways plants and animal cells are similar?

i think that they ar eawa different from eachpther

What is the hard exterior of plants and animal cells?

The outside "shell" of a animal or plant shell actually differ. Plant cells have two outer coverings, they have a cell wall and a cell membrane. Animal cells have only a cell membrane.