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Q: What fraction of the cross in figure 10-7 will be recessive for both traits?
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In a dyhibrid cross the expected porportion of offspring showing both recessive traits is?

The answer is six.

What are the ratios of a heterozygous dihybrid cross and what is the probability of having the recessive trait show?

9:3:3:1 The probability of having both recessive traits is 1:16.

A test cross involves?

Involves the breeding of a dominant trait individual with a recessive individual. This is done to determine the zygosity of the former by analyzing proportions of offspring with the recessive phenotype.

When trying to find an unknown genotype you must perform a?

Perform a test cross. Cross the organism with an organism with a homozygous recessive genotype and use the phenotypes of the offspring and a Punnett square to figure out the unknown genotype.

If a homozygous dominant is crossed with a homozygous recessive for a given trait the offspring will be?

The phenotype will show the dominant trait. All dominant traits mask recessive ones; If the genotype is heterozygous (One dominant and one recessive) the organism's phenotype will be dominant.

A cross that considers one pair of contrasting traits?

A dihybrid cross is the cross that involves parents that differ in two traits.

What is the name for a cross between an individual of unknown genotype and a homozygous recessive?

A cross between a homozygous recessive and an individual of unknown genotype is called a test cross.The homozygous recessive can only pass on a recessive allele to the offspring, and so any recessive in the other parent will show up in the phenotype (detectable characteristics) of some of the offspring.

A cross between homozygous purple-flowered and homozygous white-flowered pea plants results in offspring with purple flowers This demonstrates?

A homozygous purple flower and a homozygous white flower having offspring that are purple is an example of dominance. Traits that yield to other traits is referred to as recessive. So in this case Purple was the dominant trait and White was the recessive trait.

A test cross made with a cat that may be heterozygous for a recessive trait what is the presumed genotype of the cat explain?

A test cross made for a heterozygous recessive trait would show a dominant gene and a recessive gene. The cat would have one dominant gene (A) and 1 recessive (a).

What was the ratio of dominant of recessive phenotypes in the F2 generation of Mendel's experiments?

The traits were recessive.

What is the probability of a homozygous recessive offspring?

It depends. If it's a heterozygous cross, (Tt x Tt), there's a 25% chance. If it's a homozygous dominant cross (TT x TT), the chance is 0%. Neither parent has the alleles for a recessive trait, so none of their offspring can have the recessive trait. If it's a homozygous recessive cross (tt x tt), there's a 100% chance. The only alleles the parents can pass on are recessive.

A cross that involves one pair of of contrasting traits?

A cross that involves one pair of contrasting traits is called Monohybrid A croos that involves parents that differ in two traits is a dihybrid cross