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The microscope that takes advantage of differences in the refractive indexes of cell structure is the phase contrast microscope. The microscope that is used to see internal structure of cells in a natural state is also a phase contrast microscope.

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the phase contrast microscope... it uses special condenser to enhance differences in the refractive idexes of cell's parts and its surroundings

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Q: What microscope takes advantage of of refractive indexes of cell structure?
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The refractive index and refractive power are both directly proportional becausedue to power the distance is decrease or increase if power increases or decreasesand to refractive index the bending of light occurs in towards or away. Bending oflight ray and distance of light ray are directly proportional so refractive index andpower are directly proportional.==========================Answer #2:They have very little connection, except that the same big word appears in both terms.Refractive index of a substance is the ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to thespeed of light in that substance.Refractive power of an optical device, like a lens, does naturally depend somewhaton the refractive index of the material used to make the lens, but it's got muchmore to do with the shape of the lens ... the curvature of its surfaces etc.You can make lenses with a wide range of different refractive powers, all out ofthe same kind of glass with the same refractive index. And you can constructlenses that all have the same refractive power out of many many differentsubstances with different refractive indexes, like crown glass, flint glass, plastic,jello etc. So in that sense, the two are completely unrelated.

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