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To help keep the water inside and to keep bactriea and microbes off the plant.

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Mostly plants and animals have waxy layers as an adaptation to specific environmental conditions. The waxy layers also protect from infection of microbes.

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To avoid transpiration ( loss of water)

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Q: Why do rainforest plants have waxy leaves?
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A thich waxy coating on the leaves of some desert plants most likely permits the plants to what?

The waxy coat helps to reduce water loss from the leaves.

Does a leaf have a waxy surface?

Not all leaves have a waxy surface, but some do. Plant cuticles are a protective waxy covering produced only by the epidermal cells of leaves, young shoots and all other aerial plant organs without periderm.

Structual adaptations of plants and animals in a Tropical Climate?

The layers of rainforest are connected by vines and ferns, so its leaves get more sunlight. The leaves of rainforest trees have adapted to cope with the large amount of rain. The leaves are big, thick and waxy, and have drip tips to let the rain drain off quickly.

Why do some plants have shiny leaves?

Because plant waxy cuticle present in shiny leaves

What plants have large waxy green leaves?

sunflower, tree, cactus,

What is the waxy layer land plants have that allows them to survive on land?

The waxy coating on leaves, known as the cuticle, prevents the leaves from drying out too quickly.

What are the differences between the dessert and rainforest leaves?

The rainforest plants have big flat leaves so they can absorp lots of water.The desert plants don't have big flat leaves.

Which biome has spiny plants with waxy cuticles?

The tropical rainforest does not have thick waxy needles. The coniferous forest has thick waxy needles so that water on the needles wont easily be evaporated.

What do plants in a tropical rainforest usually have?

large broad leaves

How do plants stop the leaves from losing water?

By waxy deposition on the leaf surface and closing of stomata

What is the cutical of a plant?

A waxy,waterproof texture that covers the leaves of most plants to hold it water.

Are croton leaves waxy?

Yes, croton leaves are waxy to some degree.