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I think it has something to do with its sapp. or its a pineapple plant .

= Picea rubens Pinaceae =

The Red Spruce is best identified by its large broad crown, with right-angled branches, curving upward at the ends. The bark and twigs tend to be lighter than Black Spruce.

The wood is light, soft, narrow-ringed and faintly tinged with red. It is the most common species of eastern spruce lumber. Because of its resonance, it is especially adapted to sounding boards in Musical Instruments.

Shade Tolerance: Very high

Moisture Preference: High

Soil: Well-drained sandy loam

pH Level: Acid to neutral

Salt Tolerance: Moderate

Pollution Tolerance: Moderate

Hardiness Zone: 4b

Similar to the other spruces, it provides cover, food, and nesting sites for birds; bark, seeds, and needles for snowshoe hares, porcupines, and small mammals; and food for white-tail deer.

Red Spruce is the preferred tree for collecting and making spruce gum. Try this woodland novelty by collecting the sap, boiling it until completely dissolved, and pouring it on to a greased cookie sheet. Red Spruce is the provincial tree of Nova Scotia,Canada.

Red spruce attains maximum development in the higher parts of the southern Appalachian Mountains where the atmosphere is more humid and the rainfall heavier during the growing season than in other parts of its range.

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Q: Why is the tree red spruce called red when in fact they are not red at all?
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One kind of tree that keeps its leaves all winter is the?


What is a tree like a pine?

Fir, or Spruce trees. The type of tree they all (including Pine) are is "Evergreen".

Does the spruce tree keep leaves all winter long?

Yes. The leaves are called needles because of their long thin shape. They are evergreen trees.

What kind of trees keep there leaves in the winter?

Evergreen tree. In fact, all coniferous trees keep their leaves (which are in the form of needles) throughout the winter months, and all year around.

What is a type of conifer tree?

A conifer is any tree that bears needles and pine cones. Spruce, fir, and cedar are all families of conifers. Blue spruce, black hills spruce, douglas fir, nobel fir, redwwod cedar are all types of conifers.

What are the trees that produce seed-bearing cones?

Well technically they are called conifers, an example of a conifer is a fir tree.

What is Spruce wood?

Spruce wood is the wood of the spruce tree of which there are a number of varieties, most of which come from North America. Spruce, pine and fir are all members of the pine family and are similar in that they are soft woods of coniferous (evergreen) trees. All are used in framing lumber for house construction; the lumber is often stamped SPF to indicate that it is non-specific spruce, pine or fir.

Why is a spruce tree a gymnosperm?

Spruces do not produce flowers, but they do produce seed. They are gymnosperms.

What is Manitoba's official tree?

The official tree of Manitoba is the White Spruce.Popular and easily-recognized, the White Spruce, Picea glauca, is able to survive in virtually all climatic and environmental regions of Manitoba. Most well-known as a traditional 'Christmas' tree, the white spruce is often cultivated for that purpose.

A spruce tree is a and a maple tree is a?

To break this down to its most generic terms the answer is evergreen and deciduous. Meaning evergreen stays green all year long and a deciduous tree looses its leaves

What is the scientific name for Colorado blue spruce tree?

The scientific name for the Colorada Spruce is Picea pungens. A blue variety is P.p. Kosteriana, although all P. pungens have a grey blue tinge to them.

What tree is evergreen?

An evergreen tree is a tree that keeps its leaves throughout the year. Like the name says, an ever-green tree stays green all year round. For example, spruce trees and pine trees are both everreen trees.